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Sleeping Beauty


Original Language: English
Original Title: Sleeping Beauty
German Title: Dornröschen
Release USA: January 29, 1959
Release GER: October 30, 1959
Running Time: 75 min.
Budget: $6000,000
Sequels: None

Charakters (original Names):

Flora, Fauna and Merryweather (The Three Good Fairies)Maleficent
Princess Aurora/Briar Rose
Prince Phillip
King Stefan
King Hubert
The Narrator
Maleficent's Goons

Soundtrack (original Titles):

Main Title/Once Upon a Dream/Prologue
Hail to the Princess Aurora
The Gifts of Beauty and Song/Maleficent Appears/True Love Conquers All
The Burning of the Spinning Wheels/The Fairies' Plan
Maleficent's Frustration
A Cottage in the Woods
Do You Hear That?/I Wonder
An Unusual Prince/Once Upon a Dream
Magical House Cleaning/Blue or Pink
A Secret Revealed
Skumps (Drinking Song)/The Royal Argument
Prince Phillip Arrives/How to Tell Stefan
Aurora's Return/Maleficent's Evil Spell
Poor Aurora/Sleeping Beauty
Forbidden Mountain
A Fairy Tale Come True
Battle with the Forces of Evil


Once Upon A Dream

I Wonder

Hail To The Princess Aurora/The Gifts Of Beauty And Song

True Love Conquers All!

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