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Original Language: English
Original Title: Bambi
German Title:Bambi
Release USA: August 13, 1942
Release GER: December 19, 1950
Running Time: 70 min.
Budget: $2 000 000
Sequels: Bambi II (2006)

Charakters (original Names):

Baby Bambi
Young Bambi
Adolescent Bambi
Adult Bambi
Bambi's Mother
Young Thumper
Adolescent Flower
Adult Thumper
Young Flower
Adult Flower
Friend Owl
Young Faline
Adult Faline
Great Prince of the Forest
Girl Bunny
Quail Mother
Frightened Pheasant
Aunt Ena
Mrs. Possum
Mrs. Rabbit
Mr. Mole
Bird calls

Soundtrack (original Titles):

Main Title (Love Is A Song)
Morning In The Woods/The Young Prince/Learning To Walk
Exploring/Say Bird/Flower
Little April Shower
The Meadow/Bambi Sees Faline/Bambi Gets Annoyed
Gallop Of The Stags/The Great Prince Of The Forest/Man
Autumn/The First Snow/Fun On The Ice
The End Of Winter/New Spring Grass/Tragedy In The Meadow
Wintery Winds
Let's Sing A Gay Little Spring Song
It Could Even Happen To Flower
Bambi Gets Twitterpated/Stag Fight
Looking For Romance (I Bring You A Song)
Man Returns
Rain Drops (Demo Recording)


Little April Shower

Let's Sing A Gay Little Spring Song

Bambi (ending)

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